Setting up Hasselnuts

Hasselnuts might be confusing if you is very easy to set up, 


1. Choose right type of iPhone adaptor

Tip, There are two types of iPhone adaptor. One with the short rectangular hole is for the iPhone 4s, and the other one with the long rectangular hole is for iPhone 5, 5s, SE. Pick the right adaptor for your phone.

*iPod Touch 6th Generation adaptor is sold separately and does not come with the Hasselnuts kit.

2. Insert the iPhone adaptor to the Hasselntus iPhone insert slot.

Tip, Remember, your adaptor must and always be inserted to the iPhone insert slot first.


3. Insert your iPhone to the Hasselnuts iPhone insert slot

Tip, If you have put any protection covers on your phone please remove it. iPhone adaptor is designed to use with bare iPhones.


4. Start Hasselnuts app by tapping on the icon.


Now you have achieved to setup the Hasselnuts. 

Please read Focusing Setting section for further assistance.