B.C. Camp, Day 4: Cloning.

By Jiří Královec (instagram @opocor)

So, you already know how to remove vignetting from your pictures (If you missed my previous post, go Badass Camera Camp, Day 2. How to remove vignetting). 

    Color filters are substantial part of mobile editing and almost anyone who shoots on a phone for some time is familiar with them. In this post, I decided to focus on something that may not sound that familiar but can be as useful and do the same service as color filters and color corrections usually do.

Cloning is to cover one area of picture with another.

Cloning is one of the most complex adjustments. The main idea of cloning is to cover one area of picture with another. Let’s imagine you have an unwanted logo (or other disturbing element) somewhere in your picture. What cloning allows you to do is to hide those items (or duplicate them). This technique is available in many desktop editing programs - it is a photoshop technique, however, that you can use it even on an iPhone.

Use Facetune App

The app which probably works best for cloning is called Facetune, it’s currently for 3,99 $ on the AppStore (http://apple.co/1m7DOyJ). For some it’s not cheap, but if you really want to get seriously involved in mobile editing, you should be able to “clone” your pictures.

    This app (as its self-descriptive name reveals) is designed to help you with portrait retouching primarily - I have, however, found the cloning option to be most useful; it may come in handy especially when you need to remove smaller objects from your picture. (Sometimes I prefer to work with multiple layers as it gives you better control over the picture -  we may get to this later.)

    Example picture for this test (picture above) is from London and was taken in a park in Hackney on my iPod Touch with fisheye lenses. The result isn’t outstanding but I can use it to show how cloning works — by removing the cyclist. What I did was that I covered the cyclist by a spot that looked similar to the cyclist’s background. Just to give you an idea how easily this can be done —  the whole edit took me approximately a minute.


1: To import the picture press the [CAMERA ICON] in the left corner.


2: Select [IMPORT PHOTO].


3: After that your photo gallery should show up where you will select the right picture which should then open in the app menu.


4: Now you can choose the tool you would like to use from the bottom panel, to clone please select [PATCH] button.


5: Now patch editor should open and to start editing press the [PATCH] button in the bottom panel once again - now two “circles” appear on your photo and by moving them you can adjust what will be moved from where to where.


6: You can change the size of them by pinching by two fingers or rotate them and when you are satisfied with it’s position press the [RED PATCH BUTTON] in the left bottom corner right. You can always let the app help you by pressing the [?] button that will open some help window.


7: After completing your edits, you intended to do all you have to do to save it is to press the blue “tick off” sign in the top right corner — this will bring you back to the main menu (picture 6) from which you can save the picture by pressing the [EXPORT] button in the top right corner and than select the [SAVE TO CAMERA ROLL] option.