B.C. Camp, Day 3: How to remove vignetting.

By Jiří Královec (instagram @opocor)

The very first editing step I would like to show you is elimination of the “vignette effect” - with the help of selective adjust tool.

    This effect may appear (not only) in your Hasselnuts shots but its removal is fairly simple. Those picture above were taken with my Hasselnuts in Barcelona some months ago; unfortunately, I was using my iPod Touch (do not do that! :-D) on an iPhone adapter. The result was, however, still reasonably good. I applied some black and white filter and the only thing I had to get rid of was the black area in the corner (vignette). I chose this picture as it’s quite illustrative and will give you the idea of how to use the tool. It’s really just an illustration - the result shown is not 100% perfect but I could have improved it even more by further cleaning of the edges through multiple repeating of some steps or combining various techniques but the magic of the adjustments shown is that I was able to fix the picture in less than a minute. 


Use Snapseed iOS App

You can apply this type of adjustments to all kinds of different pictures and get all sorts of interesting results. The app I am using to achieve the desired effect is called “Snapseed”. It’s available for free through AppStore (http://apple.co/1euFQ56) and is powerful enough to perfectly perform most of the basic editing jobs.

    In Photoshop, you have the whole array of specific editing tools at your disposal, in case of mobile editing workflow, however, you will probably use several separate apps to perform particular editing procedures - one app for adding filters, one for perspective correction, another one for layer adjusting etc... There has been many attempts to create an “all in one” app but none of them works perfectly so far - combining more apps still seems to be the best option. 


1: In the left corner, press [OPEN], then [OPEN FROM DEVICE], choose the picture you would like to edit. 

Once you click on it, the photo will be automatically imported.


2: After the picture is open, click on the pencil logo in the bottom right corner to start editing; the tool selection menu will pop-up.

3: Click on the icon labelled [SELECTIVE] to enter the selective editing mode.


4: Now click on the vignetted corner to add “adjusting point”, you can expand the selection by pinching in or out by two fingers.

The area to be affected by the editing will appear as red .

5: Make sure that only the vignette is selected and choose the type of intended change by swiping your finger up and down. 

6: Choose [B] (Brightness) and brighten the area by swiping the finger to the right site of the screen all the way to the [100%] . 

Add another “adjusting point” by choosing the + icon in the bottom panel and then go on tapping onto the picture. You can repeat brightening of the vignetted area (or try some other editing tools, such as [HEALING]) till you are satisfied.


7: After you are happy with your picture (or after you have used up maximum number of adjusting points), press the TICK button to save your edits and return to the main page.

You can repeat the adjusting till you are satisfied with the result and then export the picture by pressing the [SAVE] on the top panel and choose the [EXPORT] option.