The Magic Camera

by Hasselnuts developper Daniel Hoshino

Hasselnuts is not a typical kind of digital-back that you think of. It is somewhat difficult camera to shoot with, and also requires adaptations. There is a high chance of producing hideous images when Hasselnuts is setup incorrectly.

On the other hand... Hasselnuts starts to produce unexpectedly startling images when a photographer understands Hasselnuts, light level allowance, range of subject distance, and the lens characteristics. We believe that the chemistry between the iPhone, the legendary Hasselblad, the Zeiss Lens, and the Hasselnuts user experience, works like magic and it makes any person a better photographer. We also believe that even skilled photographers will discover something that they might have been missing in their photography life. It is definitely an inspiring and motivating camera equipment you will ever have.



It is a new techonology, in between film and digital.

Hasselnuts uses an unconventional way of image capturing and this is what makes Hasselntus so unique. This method is conceptualized from the film mechanism. Instead of having the actual film, there is an engineered etched glass projection screen inside. An iPhone captures the image projected on the screen from the other side. This is why images taken with Hasselnuts look a lotlike film compared to regular digital images. 

An additional advantage of using the projection screen is that it produces the same DOF as the original Hasselblad 6x6 in a digital format.

Go Light Hunting.

Hasselnuts uses an iPhone as an image capturing device and it is limited to iPhone’s capabilities. However, iPhone ability adds more capabilities than limitations, live-view, preview, post editing, and connectivity etc... iPhone's small sensor even simulates the real film photography requirements. When sufficient light hits the lens, Hasselnuts works like magic and produces photos like no other in digital photography.



Be prepare to take portrait photo.

 Since your Hasselblad is mounting an iPhone, that is an eye drawing device for people around you and some people will ask you what it is, which means, you have a better chance meeting people. I always ended up shooting a portrait photo for them. This is a very good opportunity as a conversation starter as your subject shows interest in your camera.

Here is a little side story. When I traveled to New York for the first time with my Hasselnuts prototype, I was almost unable to get away from those individuals mesmerized with my camera. There were constant comments, like, “What is that?! You got a badass camera!” Get it?

"In association with Hasselblad"

Fortunately, since Hasselblad liked our concept during our Kickstarter project back in 2013, they contacted us and gave us the privilege to use their logo and blue prints of the film-back. We designed it accordingly and made the design consistent with the original v-cameras. 





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